Built-in bookcase has an advantage on the shelving unit

2021-11-13 06:46:40 By : Mr. Sammi Zhou

Unlike easy-to-dump shelving units, built-in components are durable and safe.

If you hire a professional and choose a lot of details, the cost of building a custom built-in bookcase can be as high as thousands of dollars. Stock photo

With so many people working at home now, built-in bookcases are becoming an important addition to the home office.

The bookcase can be used not only to display books, but also to display many things.

People may read less now, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need bookshelf space to store the books, decorations, knick-knacks and other accessories they like to store and display.

This is where custom built-in bookcases or open cabinets can help; it can be used for the practical purpose of organizing and displaying your hardcover and paperback large books, decorations, collectibles, and antiques-besides, it serves any purpose The room provides a nice focal point.

"Nowadays, bookcases are not just for books. They provide space to display your most precious collection," said Lindsey Putzier, owner and chief designer of Lindsey's Eclectic Interiors in Hudson, Ohio. "They can also be used as another form of decorative wood products, such as crown moldings or wall panels. Good wood products are a sign of a well-built home, and decorative wooden bookcases can increase the resale value of your home."

Joseph Dangaran, a partner of the Los Angeles construction company Woods Dangaran, pointed out that compared to freestanding shelving units, custom bookcases or open cabinets embedded in or on the wall have many advantages.

"They can be designed to complement any decoration or architectural style and size, materials and configuration, and can be added to the place where storage is needed in the home-without compromising convenience," Dangaran said. "In addition, they are durable and safe, unlike the fragile, easy-to-tilt portable shelves, they can be subtle or declarative if you want."

Putzier explained that "built-in" is the operating concept here: it means something durable and fixed that you cannot remove from the house without causing damage.

"Sometimes, built-in plug-ins are actually embedded in the wall, but if necessary, they usually stick out of the wall," she said.

Almost any room in the house can benefit from a beautiful bookcase built from scratch.

"In the family room, homeowners use built-in plugins to display art, treasures picked up during travel, family heirlooms, or interesting pottery or sculpture collections. In children’s bedrooms, children often display toys, games, and school art projects. And stuffed animals. Basement bookshelves usually store more adult-oriented items such as glass collectibles, sports memorabilia and wine bottles," Putzier added.

Mark Ham, a construction business owner and ProTip Pro expert in Cedar Park, Texas, warns that the downside of building a custom bookcase is that it may be difficult to modify (unless you implement an adjustable bookcase) or later Remove it completely.

"Before you commit to this project, the bookcase should fit the space you intend to place it in. The advantage of doing a custom build is that you can resize it to fit your available space perfectly, instead of buying pre-built things online or in a store There may be inflexible dimensions," Ham said.

It is recommended that homeowners choose the same type of wood they may already have in the room they chose for the bookcase.

"In my own home, I made a bookcase out of white oak, which is particularly compatible with similar wood in my home office," Dangaran said. "Maintaining a consistent appearance and proportions helps to create a sense of envelopment and intentional design."

Similarly, if you stain the woodwork/decorations in the room, it is best to dye the built-in bookcase with the same color and gloss; if your woodwork is painted, please choose the same paint color for your cabinet/bookcase .

"Or you can choose to paint a contrasting color on the built-in color to make it visually popular," Puzier suggested. "For a more unique look, consider putting wallpaper on the back of the built-in shelf."

It's not cheap to make a built-in bookcase; Putzier said that if you hire professionals and choose a lot of fine details, you want to pay $300-500 to several thousand dollars for a DIY project.

"Because your space will determine custom pieces, the price may vary greatly depending on the size and materials you use. For example, a bookcase or cabinet that occupies an entire wall will be more expensive than a bookcase or cabinet that occupies a small part of the wall. Many. Corners-it will be more affordable," Hamm said.