8 Kitchen Organization Tips from TikTok – PureWow

2021-11-13 06:46:56 By : Mr. Qi Yu

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The kitchen is the link of your home. However, if you are like us, this is also the home of all your loose ropes, damaged children's toys and unpaid bills. Don't be afraid, because we have collected some of the best organizations TikToks to keep the space tidy. Here are eight tips for saving space, organizing and simplifying everything in the kitchen.

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We all have things that are unbearable in the kitchen. For some people, this is a sink with messy dishes. For others, this is a tangled rope ball. If you are the latter, you will like this very simple electrical wire hack. All you need is some rope organizers with hooks and double-sided tape. Glue them to the back of your appliances (ie coffee maker, air fryer, toaster, blender-the sky is the limit) and wrap the wires after you complete the completely cordless countertop.

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This hack involves a two-story expandable cabinet rack with eight adjustable slats. After placing cleaning sprays, dishwasher pods, garbage bags or rubber gloves on the shelf, you can move the slats for maximum storage regardless of the pipe configuration.

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Of course, once we decided to transform our storage under the sink, we could not stop using the adjustable shelves. This technique applies to all those "extras" that are too small for sliding shelves or too clumsy in shape. Add a bottle holder to the back of one door to hold larger items, and place a few strollers on the other door to place small items that you can grab quickly. You no longer need a flashlight to look for hidden sponges or pods.

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It seems that we are always unloading the dishwasher and trying to stuff all the forks, knives and spoons into a small tray. So why do we like this space-saving hacker. Although the tray can only hold 24 pieces of cutlery, its 4-inch width allows you to add some cutlery for forks, spoons, and knives separately. In addition, it is designed to store your tableware at an angle so that everything looks neat, organized and easy to access.

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This technique will not only clean up the cabinet space you don't know, but it will also add a farmhouse atmosphere to your kitchen that you don't know you need. All you need is a storage rod and some hooks to hang your cutting board, pot or pan on the side of the island. After all, we did not invest in the saint Our Place Always pan so that it can be placed in the storage room.

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An organized refrigerator will bring a special sense of satisfaction. Oh, how we love this berry box hack. The waterproof box is transparent and has a removable internal partition that you can use to separate your berries. In addition, its inner shell comes out of the base, allowing you to rinse and drain everything in one fell swoop. Although we know that this trash can has "berries" in the title, we use it for everything in the refrigerator-from grapes to cherry tomatoes.

Although we know we need a drying rack; we hate seeing them take up space on our kitchen countertops. This is why we are obsessed with this expandable, minimalist approved sink rack, which has a place for plates, bowls, cups and cutlery. In addition, after everything is dry, it is very easy to store.

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We don't know why, but tearing the plastic wrap will make us angry irrationally. If you feel the same way, you need to jump on this double-sided holder for tin foil and plastic wrap to ensure that it will not tear or slip when you cover the leftovers.

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