Tesla Cybertruck Coming, Giga Press Shipments Arrive At Giga Texas

2023-01-10 00:31:48 By : Mr. Mike Lu

Thanks to highly active Tesla Giga Texas "watcher" and drone operator Joe Tegtmeyer via Teslarati, we now know that at least four huge shipments arrived from IDRA recently. Tegtmeyer produces videos of the happenings around Tesla's Austin factory and also invests himself in learning what's underway. He recently posted that more packages with Cybertruck Giga Press parts have been delivered.

For those who may be unaware, IDRA is the company that makes the large diecasting machines that Tesla uses to create body megacasts for the Model Y crossover. These machines help streamline and speed up production, make the vehicles more durable, and allow the battery pack to be built right into the EV's frame. Electric Insulation Equipment

Tesla Cybertruck Coming, Giga Press Shipments Arrive At Giga Texas

In order to build the Tesla Cybertruck, the automaker will need to use the same type of diecasting machine, though the units that will stamp out electric truck parts are significantly more massive than those used for the Model Y.

Tegtmeyer has been reporting every time he notices what appears to be an IDRA Giga Press or related parts arriving at Giga Texas. With the Tesla Cybertruck already in the tooling stages of production, along with promises of its coming to market this year, it makes sense that Tesla would be getting the machines in place. Check out Tegtmeyer's tweet, along with the related footage in the video at the top of the page.

Even though the Cybertruck isn't expected until much later in 2023, and high-volume production won't likely be underway until 2024, the process of installing and testing equipment is expected to take plenty of time. Tesla will get the machines in place, ensure that everything is working properly, and build and test preproduction Cybertruck units far ahead of starting official production.

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Tesla Cybertruck Coming, Giga Press Shipments Arrive At Giga Texas

Plyp-1200 Mesh Flattening Maching Tesla has over 1.6 million pre-orders for the Cybertruck, and even though it will start production soon, there's no plan to make a massive number of electric trucks anytime soon. People have been waiting years for their Cybertruck, and many will likely have to wait for a few more before their truck actually arrives. In addition, we still don't have many details about the final production version of the truck or the prices.